Engines are a major strength at Denis Welch Motorsport. For over 30 years we have developed an array of specialist parts to enhance performance. To evaluate the increasing power we develop from our race engines requires a controlled and safe environment in which to measure engine performance according to variables.

This dyno has been called "the most sophisticated in classic racing" and we know that it will enable us to develop the extra power that customers seek.

Large image Engine Test


The high degree of flexibility built into this system and our simple "make ready" jigs mean we are now able to cater for more exotic engines in other marques in a simple and efficient manner.

  • Modern or Classic
  • Large or Small capacity engines
  • Fuel Injection or Carburettor
  • Engine Mapping
  • Left, Right or Centre exhaust

The development of this impressive facility has been a continuous programme of assessment, procurement, bespoke engineering, installation and constant evolution. It was our specific aim not to compromise on flexibility or performance. We wanted to be able to run all manner of engines and to test them to their full potential.

A purpose built, fly-by-wire controlled cell, is now fully operational, sporting a barrage of sensors which provides us with a huge amount of information on the engine's performance.

Features include

  • Fly by wire throttle actuator
  • Multi-mode digital control with bumpless mode transfer
  • 32 Channels of signalling with 4 levels of alarming
  • Manual and automatic test sequencing
  • Data logging and test reports
  • High accuracy control of desired RPM (typical +/- 2rpm)
  • High accuracy control of water & oil temp (typical +/-5C)
  • On board starting system
  • Quick change engine trolleys for reduced down time and workshop
  • installations
  • Movable dyno positioning within the test cell to allow for radical
  • exhaust layouts
  • Flexible water and oil layouts to allow for most installations
  • Computer controlled variable speed cell fan
  • Remote access for confidential private hire, fully self contained
  • Fully sound proofed

Timely advice

Customers often invite us to advise before they get involved with a particular car or type of competition. This enables us to use our vast competition knowledge to determine choice of engine, cam, crank or gearbox etc. This often helps to ensure that vital considerations on cam timing, torque v bhp and drivability are resolved.

Please consult us before stripping your engine, the benefit of our experience could help make your rebuild better still.

Development consultancy

As an ongoing service for those interested in pushing the envelope even further we offer a consultancy service for car development. This involves the very cutting edge of technologies as used in other racing formula which is where our broad experience in engine development and other race techniques becomes so useful.

We can help to develop solutions to performance issues which can give that all-important competitive advantage.

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Welcome to the Denis Welch Motorsport website for Performance Parts. We cater for every aspect of work on your classic car be it road, race or rally, using our unrivalled success in many aspects of Motorsport to make your car as successful and reliable as possible.

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